The 3 Important Steps to Choosing the Right ERP System for Your Company

There are many factors why many businesses are failing and struggling even trying hard to work things out and it’s all because of the poor management system. Does your business is also suffering with the same problem? Maybe it’s time for you to seek for an ERP assessment and have it implemented in your business system as early as possible before it’s too late.

An ERP system will help your company automate and efficiently manage your finances, human resources, supply chain, customer relationships as well as other industry specific functions. Having this in your business system, you will no longer struggles and suffer to integrate various tools in your company departments. The ERP system does it all, it helps your company save time and money, while providing your company with an innovative business intelligence at the same time.

Indeed ERP system is one of a kind software that every business should include in their system, however, before diving into the ERP system you need to make sure that you are really in need of an ERP because of their substantial cost. Carefully consider what benefits it will provide to your company over a defined period.

Once you already have determined your company really does need an ERP system, here are the things to consider doing for a successful project:

  • The first things that you should do is to list your requirements. Your first job here is to understand what kind of functions you need your new ERP system to perform in your usual business tasks. So you need to figure what kind of ERP your company really need and what kind of actions you want it to do. Once you have documented all your necessary requirements, you can now start developing an initial list of potential ERP partners/vendors whose system will meet your requirements.
  • Evaluate the systems. Prepare an RFP (request for proposal), it’s a document that sets out your requirements and asks your selected vendors to bid for your company. So when the vendors already replied to your RFP, start grading their proposal according to your set of requirements and compare each cost of their systems. By doing this procedure, you can able to come up with a short list of vendors.
  • System selection. For a better demonstration, provide the vendors with a script to ensure that they will demonstrate how their systems performs the important tasks for your business. Another tip, to increase the objectivity of your selection process, you can use a scorecard to rate the pros and cons of each system they are presenting.

Getting an ERP implementation is not an easy task, it requires deep cooperation and teamwork between your ERP partner and your staff. It’s a crucial procedure where all vital parts of your managements systems will be transformed into new and a better version of it.


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