Tips for Planning ERP implementation methodology

Are you planning to implement ERP software? If so then you should know which steps to take for effective erp implementation methodology. This will help to produce the best results for the ERP software. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Set expectations for managing change

In terms of erp implementation methodology, when the cross-function team has been set, an important step is setting the right expectations with the team and employees is critical.

One important area that should be addressed at the start of implementation is the amount of time that’s required by key workers to participate in a project team for implementation. Because the project is disruptive, several activities can’t be achieved fully during work hours.

There will be times when the team members will have do their current job then also do testing/file cleanup after the regular workday ends. Companies should also have the right expectations for managing the changes that all workers will experience. It’s important that change management methods should be conducted before the change occurs.

  1. Use an approach that’s phased

It’s important to follow the original project scope. Changes are often justified. However, it’s also important to find the functionality early and stay with it. This helps to make the implementation on-budget and timely. Several companies use a planned/phased approach to ERP implementation. This is done by making key function a priority.  This should be done right after the ERP implementation.

  1. Create business processes for the ERP system

It might seem easier to not alter businesses processes when implement an ERP system. However, the long-term result is actually the opposite. In most situations companies that attempt to keep the business processes they’re using now usually have the same problems with the new system as when they used the old system.

Keeping the business processes you’re using now and using the time/money needed to later thenew system can have a big effect on your company’s budget, and also have a negative effect on the future ability to exploit system upgrades.

Your company can be successful in using the new ERP software. With the right help you can change the way your employees work. A vendor can help with defining/mapping the end user processes based on the best practices of the company and industry.

A good understanding of how a company will be run following the ERP implement provides extra time to manage the change/prepare users.

  1. Build a cross-function team

This is one of the most important steps for erp implementation methodology. Implementing a brand new ERP system creates the need to deal with how the business should operate both now and in the future.

Building new business processes, determining the reporting needed, and defining possible software customization needs input from several areas within the company. Building a cross-function team allows companies the boost the chance that all areas of the company are being addresses. It also helps to create a buy-in that’s able to drive the project’s overall success.

These are some of the ways to plan an effectiveerp implementation methodology.


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